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The Group started as Fabrico Fire & Safety Services LLC in the year 2014 and is serving its customers exceptionally since then. It’s an ISO 9001:2008 certified company now and we succeeded in lending our services in diversifying projects and the top notch clients in the Middle East. We are the loyal business dealers/agents to HOLZ Prof and we represent them in the United Arab Emirates as well.

HOLZ Prof have established themselves into the thoughts of our esteemed customers a source where they can rely us for the complete protection of materials as per their needs pertaining to services and products offered by them. The products offered by them are of market leading ones and are capable of delivering performance as per the set benchmarks. We work using safe resources and preventing pollution. We are constantly developing our technologies to offer customers the best quality.

HOLZ Prof has a variety of products are easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals, are certified and tested in laboratories and in practice. All the products are suitable for internal and external use and are usually colorless and odorless too.

  • Holz Prof


    Holz Prof is used for fire protection of wood and wooden parts in different buildings. The product is certificated to according to EU Regulation 305/2011- Construction Products Regulation. Holz Prof protects wood against burning, igniting, rotting, mould and turning blue.

    The product is suitable for both hardwood and conifer. It is suitable for internal and external conditions. Holz Prof is not for application on surfaces covered with varnish, paint, oil or other hygroscopic substances.

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  • HP Anti Rust


    HP Anti Rust is used for processing new metal products before painting and for protection to products, which are already damaged by corrosion processes. The product stops corrosion chemically, transforms rust into strong protective superficial layer and stops the rust form spreading.

    HP Anti Rust is recommended to use for cars, boats, gardening inventory and other products. HP Anti Rust is not for application on surfaces previously covered with drying oil, paint varnish or other filmformingor water-repellent materials.

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  • h sept


    It is an approved solution with antibacterial properties against such agents like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Hirae, PseudomonasAeruginosa. It effectively removes dirt, mold, rust, limestone deposition, grease and unpleasant smells.

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  • HP Renovator


    HP Renovator is used for quick renovation of wood, it cleans of dirt and darkness. It is designed for cleaning the facades, wooden houses, terraces, deck etc. It cleans well freshly sawn wood from darkness. It is possible to treat such types of timber as teak and mahogany. The product is suitable for both internal and external application. The application on concrete and mineral bases is possible.

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  • Holz BIO


    Holz BIO provides intensive wood protection against rot, mould, wood pests and turning blue. The product is suitable for both internal and external conditions. Holz BIO is used for protecting new or previously with wood preservative processed wood. The product is suitable for processing residential and communal premises, saunas, garden and outdoor furniture, greenhouses, cellars, flooring of firm grounds, logs, frames and shaved or sawed construction elements in contact with people or domestic animals and affected by active bio-destruction. The product can be used independently or as a primer.

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  • Grunt Natur


    Grunt Natur is used for cleaning and protection against mould and rot and for general disinfection and bacterial treatment. The product is suitable for applying on all types of surfaces: plaster, concrete, putties, solid and non-solid mineral bases, fibrous cement boards, gypsum, gypsum plasterboards, bricks and other construction materials, as well as woodchip boards and wooden surfaces. Grunt Natur can be used in both internal and external conditions.

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  • Holz Oil


    Holz Oil protects and cares for wood, stone and concrete surfaces it is suitable for both internal and external conditions. It could be used for processing new and previously oiled wood for residential and domestic buildings (facades, wooden terraces, garden and outdoor furniture, windows, doors etc.). Holz Oil forms a thin film on the surface that protects,smoothes and makes the surface more beautiful and also provides protection from water and weather conditions.

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